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Return Policy

Custom banners, labels, posters, floor decals and any custom product cannot be returned if not deemed to be the fault of Creatively Yours. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring all signage is met to their specifications. If there is a problem with your signage, please send an email to

If there are issues with your order, the discrepancy must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If the discrepancy is not reported within the allotted timeframe, Creatively Yours will not be liable. If the mistake in the order was deemed to be the fault of Creatively Yours, the order will be reprinted and shipped at our expense.

Issues that are not covered:

Image Pixelation

Image quality greatly depends on the type of file that is sent. SCREENSHOTS will be pixelated and are not high quality images. If the file is a raster (pixel based) image, increasing the DPI would not improve the quality. The only thing that it will do is decrease the quality. When you increase the resolution, your image editing software does calculations and fills in the space based on those calculations. Since the calculations are not 100%, the quality of the artwork decreases.

There are three options to remedy this issue:

a)    find new artwork (scalable vector format if possible) or photo or

b)    remake or resend the current artwork or photo (in a higher resolution original format)

c)    print as is.


Please note that if the buyer submits their own artwork, it will be printed as is. Proofs are only sent if Creatively Yours is providing the design. 

Typographical / Spelling / Grammar Errors

Creatively Yours is not liable for any typographical, spelling, grammar errors, etc. Please ensure all wording is proofed and corrected if necessary. All proofs are final.


Color Differences

Color is a perception that is different for everyone, Creatively Yours cannot guarantee an exact color match. Additionally, because of differences in the ink batch, print media, and color profile settings on our printers, your printed product may not be the exact color as what appears on your computer screen. If you are providing your own design, please ensure that the design is in the CMYK color mode. ​


Cancellation of Print Orders

If an order needs to be cancelled, please send an email at at the earliest possible time. If the signage has already been processed and printed, a 50% ink and substrate fee will be applied to the total refund. This is done since the Buyer’s signage is not able to be sold to another party

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